Accounting Firm Social Media Enhances Customer Relations

One of the latest practices in accounting firm social media is through enhancing customer relations. Social media is being utilized as a function of customer service. For example, Jet Blue has a twitter handle specifically for customers to ask questions and receive real-time responses. There are real live Jet Blue customer service experts whose job function is to promptly respond to all inquiries on the Twitter page. This, of course, improves the customer relations of Jet Blue, while also helping maintain their reputation. Here are some tips that can be effective specifically for accounting firm social media.

Create a one-on-one environment. No one wants to talk to an automated computer. To have the best customer service experience, the customer needs to feel as though their problem matters on a personal level and gets resolved quickly. It could be in the accounting firm’s best interest to set up individual social media outlets for specific areas of practice. This way, incoming questions and information is relevant internally and to interested audiences and customers. To illustrate, an accounting firm might have Facebook pages and Twitter handles for their tax practice, audit practice and advisory practice. Then as an individual interested in only the accounting firms tax practice, I can like the Facebook page or follow the Twitter handle or both. This will provide me only with relevant information.

Set up an internal accounting firm social media team. Just as Jet Blue has customer service experts active on Twitter, accounting firms should have at least two social media experts assisting and responding to questions on social media. It is vital that the audience understands that there are real people responding to their questions. Social media is most effectively used when updated in a timely manner. It will take a couple of experts to ensure that this is being done accurately.

Leverage generic answers to help numerous people. It may seem like there will be a large amount of pressure on the internal accounting firm social media team. However, it is possible to personalize generic questions to successfully answer questions. Accounting firms should already have answers to frequently asked questions. This is a great place to start. After that, it will quickly become apparent what common questions are asked. Monitoring these questions will help in improving the customer relations for the accounting firm.

Through using accounting firm social media practices, accounting firms will be better able to reach audiences and enhance customer relations. Numerous people use social media every day, accounting firms need to be where their audiences are. Creating social media platforms does this for them.

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