Judge if you have approached the right estate agent or not

To buy a new home at Sobha International City you may come across a number of agents, who may not be having time to attend to your requirements. This is one common problem most buyers and sellers have to face. Out of frustration, some of them may also be arrogant, aggressive, or false. The fact is most buyers and sellers take services form agents on regular intervals of time to buy or sell properties. When speaking of purchasing home, it is all abut investing your hard earned money in a property that you will be maintaining for years.

Your first home can be your dream home so it has to be ideal for you. It is also certain that you may not want to ruin your investment, just because your agent is unprofessional and disorganized in his efforts.


The moment you call your agent, it is expected that he should call you back. It is obvious that your agent is expected to report to you for every small detail. Another important sign that your agent is not ideal is immediately after signing a deal he takes a break for his vacation. The moment you notice these signs it is certain that you have to rethink about hiring a new agent.

Counseling sessions

You are new to purchasing your first home. It becomes the sole responsibility of your agent to help you and guide you. The moment you meet your agent the very first time, it is certain that you should be offered with a counseling session by him. Sobha International City Property agents try and organize counseling with their clients the very first time they meet. This process helps to get to understand the clients and the agents.

Apart from this, during the counseling session your agent will get more familiar about your requirements. At the same time it is obvious that you may get to understand your agent, if he is or not in the right track. Being your agent it is expected that he should offer you with queries that are of your best interest.

This is also the best time for you exchange all possible information about the time frame, requirements, cost factor and services offered. When with your agent it is certain that you have to discuss each of these factors in details during the counseling session. In case your agent does not offer you with counseling session then it is certain that he may not be right person for the job.

Full time or Part time

Most estate agents only work as part time job basis. If this is the case then it is certain that he may not be able to provide you with desired results. In case you want to get results then it is certain that you have to select an agent who is putting in his efforts in 100 percent. Your dlf Magnolias Gurgaon agent has to be dedicated to his job such that you can purchase your home soon. Apart from this also ensure that he is honest in his approach.