Stiring up the Spirit of Leadership Within

The elections are over. The “election equipment” as well as “advertising and marketing sector” have actually been very efficient. Those familiar with the psychology of advertising, clinical neurology, as well as with Nobel laureate Ivan Pavlov’s (1849-1936) theory of conditioned/involuntary response actions know exactly how well our experienced players have actually played their cards. Anyway, individuals of Indonesia have passed their verdict.

As well as currently we have a “democratically” chosen president and also vice head of state, leaving us with 2 sets not chosen to the office.

Yet they all are leaders, as long as the spirit of management within them lives and also they want to serve.

A president, in addition to their group, leads the state. On the various other hand, those not chosen are not in the setting to lead the state, yet they can still serve the nation.

One of the prospects claimed he would pulang kampung (return to his home town). Penalty, yet that is not completion. Without any article, he could still offer his compatriots and women.

A true leader never ever dies. He offers in life, to become an inspiration after his fatality.

Such “spirit of management” is described as semangat satria – the capability, capability as well as, most significantly, willingness to serve.

Our ancients created an “Eightfold Code of Conduct”, to be observed by all leaders-cum-servants. They are compared to 8 flowers of a lotus, every one of them attractive as well as just as crucial.

The initial petal, Sun, advises us to find out the lesson of caring, caring as well as sharing without discrimination. Sunlight does not prefer anybody specifically. It is the key source of energy for all life forms, yet it does not anticipate anything in return.

For leaders offering the state, there is an extra lesson to find out: while gathering taxes and also other revenues, copy the method the sun takes in water from the oceans. The procedure is smooth.

The oceans are not lessened; so as well the people have to not feel overburdened by taxation.

What is more important is that the sunlight recycles that water and also returns it through rain for the benefit of all.

The charg * d’affaires of the state have to identify that loan accumulated from people are intelligently invested for their advantage and general well-being, not to profit a handful just.

The lesson to discover right here is just one of nondiscrimination and justice for all.

The second petal, Moon, shines in the dark. Despite dilemma, conflicts, stress and tension, a leader has to still beam as well as offer the individuals. Continuous solution is the essential expression right here.

Celebrity, the third petal, overviews the lost. Our leaders must distance themselves from non-legally binding point of views of institutions as well as people who locate it ideal to pronounce some individuals deviant and also penalize them, instead of guide them.

A leader is compared to a post celebrity. Pole stars are trusted as reliable indicator for direction, and to figure out latitude and also longitude.

Integrity is the key phrase here. In order to be trustworthy, a leader must first count on their intelligence and also intuition, rather than on oblivious people, organizations as well as their viewpoints.

Even when it involves looking for the advice of the smart, do so by all means, yet select your personal.

The fourth flower, Fire, is a phone call to shed our ego, conceit, vanity, pride, selfishness, prejudices as well as all various other negative qualities. The key words right here are humility as well as simpleness.

The 5th petal is Wind – soft, smooth, subtle, unseen, but strong and anywhere. Absolutely nothing could ever before be available in the method of its penetration.

A leader ought to be able to relocate easily and not be overtly shielded by the people around them. They should be sensitive to the real conditions and also demands of their individuals, and not dependent after “supplied information”.

Connecting to people is the essential principle here.Earth is the 6th flower. Despite our misuse and exploitation, Mother Earth is ever giving and also forgiving. These are the keywords.

As a public servant, a leader must accept all type of criticism. They should not develop prejudice versus those who slam them. Summoning or taking legal action is not an excellent routine.

Water, the seventh petal, advises us of constant flow, sharing life with one and all. When its circulation is hindered by a rock, it transforms its program and also flows on.

Key phrases: liquid, but firm.

Last but not least, the eighth flower, Ocean, signifies magnitude and also the capacity to take in dirty water, cleanse it as well as prepare it for the trip ahead, to evaporate as well as return as life-giving rain.

A leader needs to be oceanic, vast in knowledge, a booklover and viewers, just like our founding dads, particularly Sukarno and Hatta. They all were very good viewers. Surprisingly, BOOK might stand for Broad Ocean of Knowledge.

Knowledge, born of such nautical knowledge, creates the capacity to reuse the bad, unworthy and pointless, as well as transform it into the good, worthwhile and helpful.

Keywords: capability to recycle, transform as well as change.

While congratulating President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as well as his running companion Boediono, I remember exactly what The Jakarta Post’s chief editor Endy Bayuni stated just recently on a television show.

Lanjutkan, or proceed, readied as the campaign slogan, but it ought to not indicate the continuation of all and everything. There are points that should go through adjustment as well as improvement. There have actually been flaws in the past, and policies that need to be remedied.

This second and last term in workplace provides you, Mr. President, an uncommon chance to drop in history as a real statesman, as well as not just as a twice “democratically” chosen head of state of the nation.

Let’s do things far better. The people of this nation are with you. I agree with just what you often repeat, that we need quality of thought and heart. In addition to that, we likewise require the strength as well as guts to take bold and decisive actions.

What is essential is to hold the country as one system. One language, one nation, one country as well as one collection of legislations, usual regulations for all. Allow us remove all bylaws and also local policies that are not in line with our national agreement, culture and the lofty ideal of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Unity in Diversity.

Somebody that understands you personally as soon as stated, “I remained in Washington, D.C., some time ago, and individuals there were all praises for him.” Why just Washington? We need the whole globe to commend you for your success.

At the same time, Excellency, allow us not be misguided by such words of praise. You might remember, Sir, how our Pak Harto was praised for his accomplishments up until months before our financial failure, causing political, social as well as other crises.

It shall succeed if we also focus on records such as that prepared by senior journalist John Pilger, or the previous economic gunman John Perkins.

Mr. President, you, in addition to Pak Boediono will certainly once more be leading among the wealthiest countries on the planet, and not just a country with the largest Muslim population. I expect seeing you as the Leader of the Nation, to lead our country to its destined magnificence as well as majesty!

KEEP IN MIND: This short article was also published on Jakarta Post

Anand Krishna, Jakarta|Thu, 07/16/2009 12:44 PM|Opinion